EuroMoonMars An ILEWG Initiative


EuroMoonMars + International MoonBase Alliance (IMA) + HI-SEAS (EMMIHS) is is an intiative comprising of simulation campaigns at the IMA analogue facility, HI-SEAS, in Hawai'i.

As part of research efforts towards the colonization of Moon and eventually the colonization of Mars, ILEWG founded the EuroMoonMars initiative, which comprises field campaigns in Moon-Mars analogue environments.

The EuroMoonMars field campaigns have been organised in specific locations of technical, scientific and exploration interest. The campaigns started with EuroGeoMars2009 (Utah MDRS, 24 Jan-1 Mar 2009) with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC, NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam and GWU.


The Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation base, or Hi-SEAS, is located on the Northside of Mauna Loa, on the saddle between two of the tallest volcanoes of the world, on the Big Island of Hawai’i. IMA’s founder, Henk Rogers, is its owner. As of 2018, IMA, an organization dedicated to building sustainable settlements on the Moon, has been organising regular simulated missions to the Moon, Mars or other planetary bodies at HI-SEAS. Dr. Michaela Musilova is the Director of HI-SEAS and she also takes part in missions as a Crew Commander, Flights Director or CAPCOM.

At an elevation of over 2500m above sea level, it is equipped with a fitting analogue for the desolated Lunar surface, as well as a comparable psychological remoteness from the rest of our home planet. The direct surroundings of the habitat is an abandoned quarry, where field tests and Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs) can be conducted in a fitting geological Mars-like environment.


After serving for long-duration missions in collaboration with NASA, Hi-SEAS now continues with providing high-end research for shorter duration missions. With a quick succession of a wide variety of leading and future experts, the current mission of Hi-SEAS includes two goals: Developing new technologies for future extraterrestrial habitats, and training those who might be potential founders of such habitats


The crew of the EMMIHS campaigns are carefully selected to make for a close-knit group with a wide array in backgrounds. These interdisciplinary backgrounds help us create new insights for the technological advancements we want to achieve during our simulation mission. Besides aiding each other in the necessary fields to bring the simulation to a succes, this gives us the opportunity to spread our knowledge within and outside of the habitat.


Feel free to contact us through this form at any time if you have questions or suggestions regarding our projects and campaigns, or if you would like to support our mission.