EuroMoonMars An ILEWG Initiative


Why ArtMoonMars

The Moon Village is an open concept proposed with the goal of a sustainable human and robotic presence on the lunar surface as an ensemble where multiple users can carry out multiple activities. We want to involve everybody including Socio cultural and Artistic aspects.

Artists can convey multiple messages of the community including planetary science, life sciences, astronomy, fundamental research, resources utilisation, human spaceflight, peaceful cooperation, economical development, inspiration, training & capacity building.

Moon Gallery Project

Moon Gallery is an international collaborative artwork and a gallery of ideas worth sending to the Moon. Moon Gallery aims to set up the first permanent museum on the Moon. Moon Gallery will launch 100 artefacts to the Moon within the compact format of 10 x 10 x 1cm plate on a lunar lander exterior panelling as early as 2022. In this Petri-dish-like gallery, we are developing a culture for future interplanetary society. What are the ideas we want to promote into the future? What are the ideas we want to leave behind?

Moon Gallery as a pilot platform within the framework of the Moon Village, & ILEWG EuroMoonMars and ArtMoonMars programmes aims to instigate inspiration for the global space exploration and demonstrate how the challenges along this journey drive innovative design thinking and interdisciplinary collaborations. Art Moon Mars collective leads this project, coordinates events and develops content through a series of open calls.

We suggest bringing this collection of ideas as the seeds of a new culture. We believe that culture makes a distinction between mere survival and life. Moon Gallery is a symbolic gesture that has a real influence – a way to reboot culture, rethink our values for better living on Earth planet.

We hope to bring the best of humanity to the Moon and to bring the benefits of the Moon to all people on Earth through a sustainable exploration process. Our initiatives connect Art, Moon, Mars and beyond. This includes the organisation of meetings, workshops, art-science-space classes and projects at various universities, sessions at international conferences, art exhibitions, musical and visual performances.

TEDxVilvoorde - How to reboot culture: Think big but small

Moon Gallery curators Anna Sitnikova and Elizaveta Glukhova share their story of collecting artifacts worth sending to the Moon.