EuroMoonMars An ILEWG Initiative


International Lunar Exploration Working Group

International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) is a public forum sponsored by the world’s space agencies to support “international cooperation towards a world strategy for the exploration and utilization of the Moon - our natural satellite” (International Lunar Workshop, Beatenberg (CH), June 1994).

ILEWG was founded by several space agencies: ASA, ASI, BNSC, CNES, DARA, ESA, ISAS, NASA, NASDA, RSA.

ILEWG has been organising since 1994 the ICEUM International Conferences on Exploration & Utilisation of the Moon with published proceedings, and where community declarations have been prepared and endorsed by community participants. ILEWG has co-organised and co-sponsored lunar sessions at EGU, COSPAR, EPSC.

The 8th gathering was held in July 23–27, 2006, in Beijing, China, and agreed the new Lunar Beijing Declaration.


Founded by ILEWG, as part of research efforts towards the colonization of Moon and eventually the colonization of Mars, the EuroMoonMars initiative comprises of field campaigns in Moon-Mars analogue environments.

These field campaigns have been organised in specific locations of technical, scientific and exploration interest. The campaigns started with EuroGeoMars2009 (Utah MDRS, 24 Jan-1 Mar 2009) with ILEWG, ESA ESTEC, NASA Ames, VU Amsterdam and GWU.